Death, Take Me

by Left Behind

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released October 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Left Behind Charleston, West Virginia


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Track Name: Liar
Tell me that story again,
about how nothing is real and this life's pretend;
of how my only hope is escaping my own head,
why I'm a fool to dream cause dreams are better off dead.

I was always searching for hope, but I only found fate.
God, open up those gates. It looks like hell in this place.

Destiny, calm me.

Liar, no hope, no trust, nothing.

I just can't take it,
I'll never make it.
You should have seen the look in your eyes.
Won't see a conclusion,
Mindless illusion.
Your life before mine, time after time.

Where I'm going there's no streets paved with gold.
I can't live a slow life by this book and believe what it's told.
Can't break destiny's hold on my soul.
I'm too corrupt, too tired, too beaten, too cold.
Death, take me 'cause life is getting old.

Oh God, tell me that lie again. Please God, tell me that lie again.
Track Name: Haunted ft. Tyler Allen
I am haunted. How could I ever forget,
the pain in your eyes and the drinks on your breath.
The sky seemed empty and vague,
a theme for who you were trying to play. (Empty and vague!)
That must have been the stars way of writing your fate.
Now branded in time... The haunting words of a final goodbye. Euh.

Come on I finally see. You had to throw me off track just to make me believe.
That if I hold my head too high in the sky,
I'll only be disappointed in all of the lies.
The hope that you could have saved is buried with you in your grave. Buried.

I am haunted I will never forget all the pain in your eyes and the drinks on your breath.
I am haunted I will never forget the pain and the lies that you buried me with.
I am haunted I will never forget, all the fucking time we spent went out the window.
Took it all in just to let it all go. Now that we're dead you don't give a fuck.
I went all in, but was shit out of luck.
But in an endless sorrow, you'll find that death is life's design.
And we can't leave our lives for yesterday (x2).

An empty vision in an absent mind. When nothing's left except the end of your time.
You need to take a step back and realize, it's not worth the heartache you're leaving behind (x2).
It's not worth the heartache you're leaving behind.
Track Name: Death Culture
Bathed in sin, just to feel more alive, living under another lie.
Feeling that emptiness you left deep inside.
Selfish minds, selfish thoughts controlled by selfish hearts.

I wanna you bleed out. I wanna watch you bleed it out.
Bleed it out, everything that would have made me so proud.
I wanna watch you bleed it out.
All your doubt, fucking bleed it out.

This worlds so fucked you have to sell your soul just to survive.
I've been there before, I've seen Death in people's eyes.
I've seen young kids shoot up more and more so it'll feel like the first time.

So run while you can.
Cause in the end Death'll take me. And Death will take you too.

You couldn't fuckin commit, I always knew it, it blinded you, uleh,
so euphoric, you're living out this life of filth

Living lives so fictitious, lives of filth gaining diseases,
you left your life on the other side of the door, cut another tie,
another addiction is born.

You always said you'd leave a mark, I watched your life fall apart.
Death culture making you less of a being, your only way out is to catch the disease.
Like father like son, you're filled with misery, losing you killed me.
Track Name: Out of Line ft. Peppy Olick
Countless times I've been told to step in line, but on we march, to the off beat of someone elses heart.
Then as my blood started running cold, the colors faded and my feet started skipping notes.
It's hard to dream when you can't even breathe. Another number just waiting to lead. (X2)
But I will not fall!

I'll die, when I'm ready to die. With my heart on my sleeve embroidered with pride,
and I'll greet death at the front of the line, as a face with a name and a life that was mine.

March out of time. Draw your own lines.
Maybe when I'm gone, my voice will carry on to help at least one walk in his own sun
and never let a shadow cast upon their fucking path. Maybe when I'm gone, my voice will carry on.
You're at the end of the line, so take a number wait for your time. Fuck
You're at the end of the line, so wait for your time,
You're at the end of a rope, you got seconds to live, and you're losing hope.
Cut the fucking rope.
Track Name: No Forgiveness ft. Jordan Bradley
Forever hiding behind the walls of abject design,
constructed of judgment that withered in time.
If only you had seen the things you chose not to see,
there would be no division between you and me. Uh.

You hang your head at the altar now?
There is no grace at the end of a lie. (You're a lie).
Your hollow words could never win forgiveness in the sky.
Your broken wings will never fly.

Arrogance, or just afraid? It wouldn't make a difference if we saw the same.
If only you saw in brighter shades of gray like me. Now it's too fucking late.
Now when you open your eyes, there seems to be no light.

Your life isn't anything, when your only friends are your enemies.
Posing as a king won't fill an empty fate.
Now I watch as everything crumbles at the sight of reality, when you realize your mistakes.

The price we pay for a makeshift home. Another fallen disguise.
The truth has been exposed. The truth has been exposed.
At the end of it all, you've always been alone. Euh...

They feed off misery to build a makeshift home.
The walls go up with every hurtful word they've told.
In the end they'll realize they've always been alone.
The walls are falling in upon their empty souls.
Track Name: Degrade
Left Behind

I hope you're disgusted with how vain you've become, never a second chance, only one.

You wish you fuckin knew what was right in front of you.
You wish you fuckin knew what was right in front of you,
all you've got is your friends turning their backs on you. Uh.
You're stuck in this world, filled with black sheep (filled with black sheep)

Yeah, all you ever had was your wasted truth.
You'll be swallowed whole by your wasted youth.
Yeah, you always said it, but you never meant it.
I'd break and burn my bones to never hear your voice again.

I'm losing sleep, I'm losing my mind.

This'll be the thought in the back of your head, the only thing you can't kill.
Always lying never trying, an empty ambition you can't fill.

You left your friends like strays, for a new disease,
crosssing the line, so many times it's turned gray,
I'm sure you've got another lie you'll try to feed.

Destiny long for me, and fate calm me, from this misery.
All I see is sinistry, begging for a guilty plea, no guarantees.